For all math classes, a summer review packet is available on the Mathematics Department Website which can be accessed via the High School App or the High School website.  Students are asked to access the review assignment that corresponds to the class they are taking in September 2019. Once the assignment is accessed, BOTH THE ASSIGNMENT AND ANSWER KEY are posted. Over the summer students are asked to work on the assignment and check their answers against the answer key that is provided.

For AP Courses, there are no answer keys posted as the expectation is that students have mastered the prerequisite materials in order to be successful in class.

On the first day of class, all students are asked to bring with them the assignment (packet), their answers, AND ANY QUESTIONS THEY HAVE ON ANY PROBLEMS.  Teachers will spend the first few days of school reviewing and providing either instruction or review of these topics as well as providing additional questions to complete.  Following this review and practice, teachers will administer an assessment designed to measure proficiency on these skills.  The actual summer packet will not be graded; rather the content that is contained in the packet, following instruction, will be graded.  Summer Assignments for courses are listed below.